Career Events

A career event is an excellent opportunity to present your company and to meet students and graduates. The majority of the career events focus on a specific discipline or field and are organised by one of the UvA’s student-run associations. The UvA hosts a number of general career events aimed at all Dutch and international UvA students.

International Talent Event Amsterdam (ITEA)

on 20 April 2018

The UvA hosts over 3,000 international students from all over the globe: international students with high ambitions, an international outlook, intercultural experience and a good proficiency in English and their native language.

The International Talent Event Amsterdam (ITEA) is a yearly career event where you can connect with international students and recent graduates. The UvA has joined forces with VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Inholland University of Applied Sciences and amsterdam inbusiness to organise ITEA in order to build stronger bridges between international talent and internationally-minded companies and organisations. 

What can you expect from ITEA?

  • Meet a large number of young and talented international students and graduates, educated at Master’s or Bachelor’s level.
  • All participating students and professionals are proficient in English, as well as other foreign languages, and have an international background.
  • The students specialise in a wide variety of disciplines, including IT, business, finance, science, humanities, social sciences and marketing.
  • The event attracts university students and graduates seeking internships or career opportunities.
  • The fair gives you the opportunity to meet students, provide a workshop and/or give a company presentation.

For an impression of previous ITEA editions, see the ITEA website.

Take part

Would you like to participate in ITEA2018? Please contact the UvA Student Careers Centre and ask for Marie-Elise van den Hoek Ostende.

  • drs. M.E. (Marie-Elise) van den Hoek Ostende

    Careers adviser | T: 0205252660

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UvA Career Day

October/November 2018

The UvA Career Day is an annual career event for all UvA students.

The purpose is to help students explore the options open to them and prepare for their future career. It gives them the tools to

  • find out more about the labour market and its trends and developments
  • prepare for their own career path by identifying their qualities and strengths and the career steps they want to make
  • identify career opportunities
  • improve their application  skills

We offer career talks, lectures, workshops and one-to-one coaching designed to inform and inspire students and stimulate them to take their next career steps.

Cooperate in the UvA Career Day

The UvA Career Day is not a traditional career fair where employers present their vacancies and career opportunities. However, we are interested in working with external professionals who can contribute innovate ideas, insights and knowledge:  professionals who share our aim to help students get a clearer picture of the labour market and their own career aims and prospects and the connection between the two.

Do you wish to share your knowledge and expertise on career-related topics? Please contact us if you wish to 

  • give a lecture or talk about labour market trends and developments, either in general or about a specific industry
  • give a workshop on a career-related topic
  • provide one-to-one coaching, e.g career coaching  or giving feedback on CVs or LinkedIn profiles
  • contribute your career-related expertise in any other way

For more information, please contact the UvA Student Careers Centre and ask for Tom de Vries.

Other career events

Study associations and student-run organisations organise the majority of career events for UvA students. These events usually focus on a specific field or discipline. If you would like to get help in finding the right study association, please contact the UvA Student Careers Centre. 

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29 November 2017