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CV Feedback Tool

Feedback on your CV and cover letter

In the job selection process, recruiters and employers often look at your curriculum vitae first. That's why it's important that you structure your CV as well as possible. Good to know is that you can now use a tool that offers you 2 important possibilities. First, the CV Feedback Tool allows you to upload your CV (in English) and receive instant feedback. But the application can also match your CV with vacancies that interest you.

The application assesses CVs based on intelligent data analysis. After uploading, the tool scores your resume on:

  • text 
  • presentation 
  • impact
  • skills

The application compares your curriculum vitae with those of your fellow students, colleagues, and professionals from all over the world. You'll get detailed feedback, and you'll discover where you can improve. Once you've implemented changes, you can upload your resume again for another round of feedback. Upload as many times as you like.

Feedback English cover letter

You can also get feedback on your English cover letter and improve it. The algorithm looks at things like salutation, length and spelling. It also checks whether you mention the relevant keywords and skills mentioned in the job description.

Interested? Create a free account

For the CV Feedback Tool. UvA has partnered with an external provider: CareerSet. As a student at UvA you can create a free account with CareerSet using your e-mail address:

Processing your data

Your privacy is very important to us. On their website, you can read more about how CareerSet handles your privacy. You can be sure that the UvA will not have any access to data concerning your use of the CV Feedback Tool. Of course, this also applies to access to your data or the CVs that you upload.

Information session CV: the basics

Would you like to explore the basics of making a curriculum vitae? This information session provides you with an interesting opportunity. You'll be introduced to composing a CV that authentically presents your competencies:

Appointment for personal feedback on your CV?

You can also choose an appointment for an individual coaching session. Together we'll look at your CV and focus on the points that will make it (even) better: