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The world's biggest database of professionals and organisations

LinkedIn is a rich database of professionals, organisations, groups and vacancies. LinkedIn has 500 million users worldwide, which makes it an important tool for your job orientation, for networking and for sharing your knowledge and skills.

LinkedIn helps you:

  • to find people who have work you pursue;
  • map out possible career paths with your degree;
  • to prepare for a meeting with someone new;
  • to learn about a potential employers' employees and culture;
  • to stay updated in your field.

You can use LinkedIn and be found on LinkedIn the moment you have a (minimal) profile.

Video: Create a LinkedIn profile

Watch the video to optimize your profile and to increase the chances to you get found by others.

Video: How to network through LinkedIn

Make connections with fellow students and other people you've met during your studies. This network will come in handy later on in your career. You can also connect with people you haven't met yet. Always add a personal note so that the other person can evaluate whether he or she finds a connection worthwhile too.

Watch the video below to learn how to network with alumni through LinkedIn

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