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Terms of employment interview

The job interviews went well, it’s clear that the employer would like to hire you, and you would like to start working at the organisation as well. Now it’s time for the terms of employment interview, during which the salary negotiations also take place.

Purpose of the interview

During the terms of employment interview, you make agreements about your salary and fringe benefits, such as a travel allowance, company car, pension contribution, study possibilities and the number of working hours.

Those across the table from you know approximately how much they want to pay you, so be sure that you also show up well prepared.

The handouts ‘Preparing for the terms of employment interview’ and ‘Salary negotiations’ will be available for download here shortly.

The contract

The agreements made during the terms of employment interview will be set out in an employment contract. The employer will usually send this to you within a few days. If this does not happen, please contact the business and ask why you have not yet received the contract. Next, compare the agreements with your own notes. Be sure to also pay attention to the fine print. If all the information is correct, then you can sign. Congratulations on your new job!