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Selection, application and deadlines


A growing number of Master’s programmes carry out a selection at the gate. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the procedure, so you know what to submit and when. Selection deadlines may vary per Master’s programme.

Think you could benefit from tips on how to write a cover letter for a Master’s? Then check out the various tips.

If you are nervous about a selection procedure, visit the Student Careers Centre for an individual consultation.

Pre-Master’s programme

Some Master’s programmes require candidates to have taken a pre-Master’s programme. Make sure to check in advance whether this is the case for you. In order to enrol for a pre-Master’s, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree as a minimum requirement. If you hold a Dutch HBO undergraduate degree with an applied emphasis and want to move on to an academic Master’s programme, you will first have to take a pre-Master’s programme. Occasionally you will be able to take a minor during your Dutch HBO undergraduate programme, which means you do not have to take a subsequent pre-Master’s programme.

You will also have to take a pre-Master’s programme if you hold an academic Bachelor’s degree that does not align with the Master’s you have chosen in terms of specialisation. In some cases, a Bachelor’s degree in the same field may be required to be able to take the Master’s.

A pre-Master’s may vary in length from six months to a year.

Start of the Master’s programme

Most Master’s programmes only have a single entry date in September, with some having a second entry date in February.