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About the Student Careers Centre

What do we do?

Our team of nine study choice and career advisers offers professional guidance to prospective students, current students and recent graduates at key moments in their (academic) career.

How do we do this?

Every day we conduct individual meetings with students, provide training courses and workshops, and hold informational sessions as part of degree programmes. In addition, the Student Careers Centre organises major career events such as the UvA Career Day, while various digital tools are also developed, including the UvA Job Board, the job and internship portal for UvA students and alumni and our online career tests . We also provide support for structuring career guidance within degree programmes of the university.

Why do we do this?

We feel it is important that besides their academic development, students also gain understanding of their talents, interests and motivation, so that they can make choices confidently, familiarise themselves with the labour market; and develop the skills they need to find or create work that suits them.

Knowledge and experience

We have many years of experience providing guidance to university students faced with important choices: whether regarding their Bachelor’s, a minor, an internship or exchange, a Master’s or concerning their first steps in the job market. Since we speak to students in all stages of their education, we have an in-depth understanding of the various degree programmes, entry requirements, programme contents, pre-Master’s programmes and job market sectors. Precisely because we speak to students from every degree programme, we know the job market inside and out, from the legal profession to cultural institutions, from multinationals to start-ups. Our relationship with the regional business world and beyond means that we are up to date on what the job market demands of budding professionals.