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UvA employees

As a UvA employee you can refer students to the career services of the UvA Student Careers Centre. Besides that, the career advisers work together with study advisers, internship coordinators, lecturers and other employees to strengthen career development within the study programmes.

Services for students

The Student Careers Centre offers information, advice, events and guidance for students in the areas of:

  • study choice, switching degree programmes and choosing a Master’s,
  • shaping students’ academic career in addition to the supervision provided by the study advisers,
  • career orientation,
  • job application skills,
  • orientation on the (Dutch) job market.

Our services and events:

  • workshops and training courses
  • CV and LinkedIn checks
  • Online Career Platform
  • individual career consultation sessions
  • UvA Career Day
  • International Talent Event Amsterdam
  • Career Networking Events
  • UvA Job board

Target audiences

The primary target audience of the Student Careers Centre is UvA students, in every phase of their studies. In addition, we offer study choice guidance to external prospective students who are exploring Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes at the UvA and advise employers on offering internships and entry-level positions at an academic level.

Up to one year after graduation

Students and alumni may use our services up to one year after they graduate. The UvA Job board will remain accessible to alumni up to two years after graduation.

For international students

In addition to our online information and individual consultation sessions, we offer a special range of training courses and workshops aimed at international students who intend to work in the Netherlands or in the EU. Students can also easily use the filters on the UvA Job board to view opportunities for international students. In addition, we organise two events each year specifically aimed at this target audience: the International Talent Event Amsterdam and the Career Networking Events.

Services for staff members

Information on legislation and rules

The UvA Student Careers Centre provides international students from outside the EU with information on the relevant legislation and rules governing interning or working in the Netherlands. We can also provide members of staff with more information on these rules.

Contributing to a career event

Given our many years of experience holding career events for students, we are well equipped to advise you on the various formats and organisation of these events. In addition, we are able to contribute in the form of information sessions, workshops or speed coaching/CV checks. Go to for examples of workshops in our offer for students or go to the heading ‘Tailored solutions’ on this page.

Referring students

Students from all UvA degree programmes with orientation or study choice queries can be referred to the Careers platform. In addition, they can contact us themselves to sign up for workshops and training courses and book appointments for individual consultation sessions.

Communications and PR materials

Are you looking to communicate the services the UvA offers in this field to your faculty, school or degree programme audience? The Student Careers Centre has communications and PR materials at the ready that can be used for newsletters, narrowcasting screens (TV screens), Facebook and LinkedIn groups, at Student Desks and in study advisers’ consultation rooms. Please contact Vera Maliepaard, careers adviser, at the Student Careers Centre regarding any such queries.

In addition, we have developed printables (pdf, two pages) with concise information, tips and advice on applying for jobs. These printables are available online and are easy to share through newsletters and social media. In addition, they can be displayed in visible locations in waiting rooms.

Printables with job application tips

Tailored solutions

We regularly provide information sessions and organise workshops within specific degree programmes, colleges and graduate schools. Some examples of information sessions we offer:

  • CV and cover letter
  • How do I choose a Master’s?
  • Doing an internship in the Netherlands
  • How to find a job in the Netherlands

Some examples of workshops:

  • Craft your internship (halfway through the internship, aimed at maximising the potential of this key step in someone’s career in respect of professional development, knowledge, experience and network building)
  • Cover letter for a Master’s

Should you be interested in booking a workshop or information session, then submit a request to

Contribution to university topics

Our role regarding service provision within a degree programme or faculty entails both content and advisory aspects. In addition, as content experts in the field of career guidance for students, we contribute to the cross-university debate on subjects such as:

  • (academic) career preparation
  • internationalisation
  • correct student intake
  • academic success rates

Who are we?

The Student Careers Centre is made up of a team of study choice advisers and careers advisers with diverse backgrounds.

Click here for more information on our team of careers advisers.

About the Student Careers Centre