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Internships & Jobs

Application tips

How to apply successfully

You are looking for an internship or a job and your goal is to get across what you are good at, what drives you and what makes you the best candidate. Check the information on the topics below and make your application a success.


What makes for an effective CV? How do you make your qualities and motivation stand out? And how do you pick a layout?

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Cover letter

How do you convince the reader you are suitable and motivated for the job? How do you make a short and concise letter?

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How can you use LinkedIn in your job search?

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Job interview

What types of questions should you expect, what are the various interview formats and how can you prepare for them?

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Assessment Centre

What is an assessment, why is it used and how do you make sure you perform as best you can?

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Terms of employment and negotiation

Which terms should you expect and is there any room to negotiate?

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