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CV and cover letter

Stand out from the crowd

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your CV or resume is a crucial document during the application process. It provides a concise and effective summary of your experience, achievements and interests, both academically and otherwise. Employers will usually look at your CV first and only then read your cover letter.

Initially, employers will only scan your CV very briefly, spending roughly 10-20 seconds doing so. That is why you need to make sure employers can find what they are looking for very quickly. You should always keep in mind the specific requirements of the vacancy and adapt your CV for every application.

You can also use your CV in a networking conversation or in an exploratory chat. Your CV is the perfect tool to boost your chances of getting a job that suits you!

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Visual inspiration

Sometimes images can help inspire your CV. Check out the Pinterest page of the UvA Student Careers Centre.


Cover letter

In your cover letter you describe what your motivation is for the job you are applying for. It also supports the more factual cv with examples of relevant former experiences. You want the recruiter to invite you for an interview.

Keep it short, concrete and authentic and make sure you connect your capabilities and ambitions with what the employer is looking for. 

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