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Sources economy and Dutch labour market

The trend dominating the economy and the Dutch labour market is the coronavirus pandemic. What is its possible impact? Which sectors are rising? And which of your competences will become significant? To help you navigate the waters after finishing your studies, here, we'll collect sources with up to date information, trends and insights.

  • Business Insider

    Business Insider looks at the business world, offering items on intriguing people, companies and tech. This medium focuses on (international) companies but also gives analyses, tips and advice, that can be interesting when you're looking for a job.

  • Newspapers: Volkskrant, NRC en FD

    These traditional media look at developments in the (financial) world, the (Dutch) economy and the labour market thoroughly:

    • Volkskrant (in Dutch). Interesting sections are, for instance, economy and the carrièregids (career guide). And also, the article Hoe je door je proefperiode komt als je baan thuis is (How to pass your trial when your job is at home). 
    • NRC (in Dutch). Check the weekend section on Carriere&Geld (Career&Money), like the article on Cruciale beroepen (Crucial jobs).
    • Financieel dagblad (in Dutch). For financial buffs. Strong focus on the economy, with news and background articles on sectors, organisations and companies. Also, there's interest in management, risk analysis and the stock market.
  • TV: VPRO Tegenlicht

    VPRO Tegenlicht (in Dutch, but often with English speakers) is an informative programme, investigating new ideas and trends in politics, the economy, sociology and science.

  • Centraal Planbureau

    A bit dry, but the website successfully clarifies the big picture in the Netherlands. The official source for all kinds of trends in demographics, the labour market and the economy:


    Insead Knowledge is an expert opinion and management insights portal. The content is scientific, interdisciplinary, international, and intercultural. You can go here for trends and analyses. Not an easy read, but interesting.

  • Research at UvA

    Jessie Koen, Assistant Professor with Programme group Work and Organizational Psychology, published an article on de impact van baanonzekerheid (the impact of job insecurity during the corona crisis).