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UvA Career Services

Workshops and training

The UvA Student Careers Centre offers various workshops and information sessions about career subjects. These workshops can be divided in three categories: personal development and self-assessment, application skills and job market orientation.

Personal development and self-assessment

What do you think is important in work? What activities do you like the most? Finding a job starts with orientating on your own wishes and qualities. The following workshop and training will help you to get a better view of your professional profile.

Job application skills

Sometimes applying for jobs can seem like a full-time job in itself! There are a lot of aspects to deal with: writing a cover letter, drafting your CV, doing an assessment, etc. The good news: these are all skills that you can practise and that everyone can learn. Interested in getting better at one of these skills? Sign up for one of the following workshops:

Labour market

What is there to learn about the Dutch labour market? Do you need to learn Dutch? To give you head start on your career orientation in the Netherlands, join the workshop:

Inspiring talk on varying topics

Every study period starts with a session about an exciting career or personal development topic.


Up to one year after graduation

Up to one year after graduation, you're able to join various info sessions, workshops and training courses. Most services are free of charge for UvA students. We do, however, charge a small fee for some of the workshops.